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Artist Benefits 

Audition opportunities

Pegasus Talent engages with a myriad of opera companies,  production companies and casting directors predominantly within the classical arts. Pegasus Talent can offer audition opportunities with casting directors and companies that are either bespoke to you. As an organisation representing you on our platform, we are able to facilitate relationships and opportunities, negotiate contracts and fees and put forward your biographies, headshots and a dossier of your work, which we can also publicise on our website and social media platforms. 

Opportunities that may come your way could include auditions for professional opera productions, concerts and recitals as well as opportunities to be hired as an artist for corporate and charitable events. Although we primarily source opportunities for the stage, on occasion there may be opportunities in television, radio and other related entertainment industries. 



As a Pegasus Talent artist you will receive your own personalised profile on our website, which will  include a headshot, a biography written in the Pegasus Opera Company house standard Production and/or recital footage may also be shared from performances you’re affiliated with through Pegasus Talent. Your profile may be shared on social media platforms and be used to raise your profile as well as the profile of the organisation in addition to being shared with appropriate partners, opera organisations, casting directors who may be interested in hiring you.


Performance Opportunties

In addition to Pegasus Talent showcases featuring artists within Pegasus Talent,we also host intimate showcases promoting a select few singers,  assisting them in curating their own programme and giving them a lengthier performance of up to 25 minutes to showcase their range, highlight specific repertoire and share their personalities with live audiences and opera industry and casting professionals. 


Artist Development

Pegasus talent will provide you with performance opportunities and our expertise to enable you to develop your repertoire, technique and audition skills.

On occasion there are opportunities for photographic and video content to be used for promotional material. Additionally, our showcases are both a promotional and development opportunity to work with a live pianist or orchestra opposed to backing tracks, to diversify your repertoire, to work in a myriad of venues, receive critical feedback from Pegasus Talent staff and instruy professionals and get you infront of live audiences.

Pegasus Opera Company runs a number of artist development opportunities, some of which may be exclusive to Pegasus Talent  represented artists.

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Peer Support Network  

The Pegasus Talent is an opportunity to work as part of a  peer support network.  Pegasus Talent runs alongside the Opera Mentoring Programme, which pairs aspiring, emerging, training and established artists with renowned artists in their field and within the same voice type to offer mentoring critical and career development support.


By becoming the go to diverse directory for diverse talent, our artists can take advantage of the networking opportunities with other professional artists and also receive support from Pegasus as the UK’s leading diverse opera company that has been striving for Harmony in Diversity for almost thirty years.

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