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Programme Outline

The programme will involve 5 sessions held over an 8 week time frame


Session One - Vocal Technique
You will be paired with a seasoned artist who is appropriate for your voice type. You will be asked to bring two contrasting pieces of your choice to work on, you may choose to use the same piece you auditioned with. Depending on your needs, the professional singer you are working with will address vocal questions or issues, will work on delivery and interpretation and they may touch on vocal technique and language.


Session Two - Audition Technique and Practice
You will continue to work vocally on your current audition repertoire and work with your paired professional on what you would like to present for the session with agent Sam Krum.


Session Three - Career Development
In this session you will have the opportunity to work with Vocal Agent, Sam Krum from the agency Robert Gilder & Co who will give you insight from an agent's perspective, and advise you on the opportunities available in the industry. He will discuss style and performance skills to enable you to shine in auditions and give you an opportunity to discuss the audition world, where to find auditions, how to best present yourself and make yourself memorable, advise on what your next steps should be. You will also get a chance to sing for Sam, be coached by him and he may suggest audition rep and roles that would suit your voice. 


Session Four - An Audience with Sir Willard White

This is a group session where Sir Willard White will discuss his successful career, what he has learnt as a BAME opera singer working internationally and share any advice he has going forward.


Session five  - Evaluation Session

This will be a final wrap up group chat with your mentors and Sam Krum. You will be able to ask any final questions you may have and discuss what you have learned. 

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